Getting to know off road tires, and what might work best for your truck or SUV

mud-terrain-tiresOff road tires are designed for offroading – this is when you drive a vehicle on land that is not covered by tar, such as muddy roads, or snowy roads, loose soil and rocks roads, and other types of rough terrains. They offer the right traction and being the right size, they help the vehicle pass through obstacles properly. The experience of offroading is a wonderful one if your vehicle is equipped with the right off road tires. There are different types of tires, made for specific terrain conditions. These types are:

Off road mud tires: Mud tires or mud terrain tires have the most extreme type of tread patterns, meaning they are chunkier and larger. This pattern is specifically designed to dig into muddy roads and terrains and have a better grip on it. These mud tires are often prone to tear and wear on proper roads because they are made with rubber materials that are more rigid.

All terrain tires: All terrain tires have extreme tread patterns, and they are usually patterned with large and wide spacing so that it can easily pull mud from the tread. These all terrain tires also have a harder sidewall so that they provide better resistance to punctures when offroading.

Getting off road all terrain tires is a great option for your vehicle if you drive off road occasionally. What standard car tires cannot withstand – the off road tires can. Additionally, there is the added benefit of the fact that off road tires make many trucks and SUV’s look much more agressive. The bigger patterns make the tires less prone to puncture, and have a better grip on the surface reducing chances of slips in loose terrain. The taller sidewalls of the off road tires offer comfort to the rider and also provide cushioning to the rim. The many benefits of off road tires make them a great catch for many. However, it is always good to know the various types of off road tires and buy according to your driving conditions than to just buy the off ride tires that look huge and attractive.

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