Like your Tahoe big? We can help!

When our latest customer walked in with a Tahoe, it looked like the half million others that are currently on the road. We saw the potential in this off road beast, and helped them achieve that potential, and save some money in the process.

We simply had a basic 4 wheel drive Chevrolet Tahoe to start with.  While nice, they are very common. Our customer wanted it to stick out in the crowd, and be functional for any off road activities as well. We knew immediately what we had to do.

The first thing on the agenda was to rip out the boring stock suspension, and give this Tahoe some ground clearance. We installed a Rough Country 7.5″ lift and followed up with a perfect 4 wheel alignment to make sure it would track straight. At that point, we had plenty of room to fit a great tire underneath it.

The customer picked out a Ballistic 814 Jester wheel in flat black. They opted to go with the 20×9 size to allow for a slightly beefier tire. We then wrapped those wheels in some 35″ Toyo Mud Terrains, which allows this Tahoe to grip perfectly whether it happens to be on I-10, or the middle of a mud field.

When you get ready to upgrade your Tahoe, be sure to check out AWT OffRoad.

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Building Texas Sized Trucks and Jeeps

Here at AWT Off Road , we build the best off road trucks and Jeeps in Houston, Texas. Not only do we use the highest quality parts, but we meticulously labor to create tough vehicles that will conquer any terrain. Our mechanics are more than mechanics, they are craftsmen of the highest caliber. Every part of our truck and Jeep is top of the line and built to handle whatever you can throw at it. From the solidly built suspensions at AWT Off Road, to our waterproof muddin’ “snorkels”, to our high quality off roadin’ tires, AWT Off Road delivers, and we stand behind our work!

We believe that a well built truck incorporates a proper amount of ground clearance. If you’re going to go through mountainous or rocky places, proper distance between the ground and your trucks under belly is vital. What tops off every off road truck we build? The tires. Equipped with mud-terrain, deep tread tires, our trucks climb over anything in their path. Virtually impenetrable, these tires are built to survive the toughest terrains. Air down your 33 and 35 inch tires for maximum efficiency, when you get to your destination.

Here at AWT Off Road , we stand behind our work. We promise you our commitment to quality, well made, built-to-conquer, trucks. Whether you need your truck for work or serious off roading pleasure, let us build you a truck or Jeep that fits your needs and style. We build trucks for Texans.


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New F150 Raptor with a bright LED and Fuel Offroad Wheels

The Ford F-150 Raptor is an extremely popular off road truck. But there is always room for improvement, right? That is just what we did to this customers Raptor.

We started with illuminating the trail in front of him. The headlights are bright, but you cannot beat the awesome power of the LED strip that we added to the front custom bumper of this customers raptor. What is better than a high powered LED light bar? How about TWO high powered LED light bars!

To make the truck even more agressive, we changed out the boring stock wheels for a great Fuel Offroad Two Piece Rampage Wheels in Anthracite with Gloss Black Lip. To pair with these awesome wheels, we used a set of Toyo Open Country MT tires to allow this truck to grip even the sloppiest off road conditions.

When you are ready to dress up your off road truck, make sure to keep AWT Offroad and American Wheel and Tire in mind!

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2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Lifted

The Chevy Silverado is probably the most popular truck in Texas, which means there are a ton of accessories and aftermarket parts available. We at AWT Offroad know just which ones work the best to achieve the look and utility you require for your Silverado.

On this customers truck, we went with a 6 inch lift to fit some massive 35 inch Lexani Mud Beast tires. This allows a massive amount of clearance for any obstacles they may come across off road. The stock wheels just wouldn’t do with that agressive of a tire, so we went with a 20 inch Red Dirt Road Wheel in Satin Black Machined.

To finish off the package, we opted for the heavy duty Iron Cross front and rear bumpers. This bumper allows for a wench, and push bar, which is always a plus.

Whenever you get ready to deck out your Silverado, remember AWT Offroad and American Wheel and Tire!

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